More pictures from my Tattyland world in Minecraft pocket edition 🙂

HeadBurro Antfarm

I only put Minecraft Pocket Edition on my tablet after I returned home from work and found number one child had fooled the Good Lady Antfarm into buying it for him on her tablet. I decided to buy it on mine so I could both help him but also ensure there was nothing in there that I needed to worry about. Luckily, for the missus and I at least, there was no online element to the game. Indeed, the only multiplayer aspect is by two or more players joining a game on a Wi-Fi network which meant that we, me and The Boy, could play together!

From the get-go he’s loved the creative mode more than the survival mode, I think it’s the fact that the survival game is all about long-term planning with delayed rewards whereas the creative game gives you all the fun stuff up front and allows…

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